RedisConf 2020 RedisGraph Videos worth watching

RedisConf 2020 just came to a close. This year the talks/speakers had a lot of great content. RedisLabs is really investing in modules and out reach to drum up support and usage of their enterprise and open source solutions around Redis.

There are two videos I found very, very informative and another that was a good runner-up.

The first is “A Practical Introduction to RedisGraph”, by Guy Royse.

The second is a deeper dive into what’s happening under the hood; “RedisGraph 2.2: The Fastest Way to Query Your Highly Connected Data in Redis”, by Roi Lipman.

2019 Videos

Roi Lipman also gave a talk titled “Deep Dive into RedisGraph” back in May of 2019 that highlights a few different aspects of query planning, traversal, and the linear algebra under the hood that allows RedisGraph to shine.

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