Hey! I’m Josh! You found me. You can usually find me outside biking, hiking, exploring. I’m happiest outside, or, inside in warm feeling spaces that blend and incorporate aspects of the outdoors.

  • I’m a certified cat lady
  • I bike a lot, less than I used to, but still – I can be found on Strava. I appreciate the contrast in focus required for riding technical routes in the dirt and the deluge of stimuli required to thrive in dense urban pavement riding.
  • I’m interested in distributed systems and massaging data
  • I mostly operate on the JVM, but I’ve recently become fond of Go and am getting into Rust…
  • I was vegan for half my life, then fell to vegetarian, pescatarian, and now full on occasion meat eater
  • I’m interested in creative, interactive spaces, in particular those in workplace, social, and therapeutic settings
  • I value humility, creativity, generosity, and empathy in all creates and systems I engage with…

You can find me on most platforms @durbinjo593.