Quick AEM 6 startup w/ MongoDB persistence

A few quick notes on getting AEM 6 off the ground w/ MongoDB (on OS/X, specifically) …

  1. Install mongodb via brew: brew install mongodb
  2. Unpack the AEM 6 JAR: java -jar cq-quickstart-6.0.0.jar -unpack
  3. Take note of the exploded crx-quickstart directory
  4. Modify the start script (crx-quickstart/bin/start) providing an additional runmode: crx3mongo
  5. Modify the JVM args adding the argument: oak.mongo.uri with the value mongodb://localhost:27017 (update as needed)
  6. Start mongod: mongod --dbpath /data/db --httpinterface --journal --directoryperdb --rest
  7. Fire up AEM

It took my 1st generation MacBook Retina about 4-5 minutes to install and settle.

For more information, see Jayan Kandathil‘s post.

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